2006.21.April OUT! BPDV-001 2625(Tax inclued) 51 min.


2.4little joeys
3.Aussie O's bomb
4.kk lala
6.tennis girl meets U2
8.Kiiiiiii for any occasion...or just for fun!
9.dancevader biber-hill pop
10.hello darkness
11.carp & sheep
12.words of wisdom
~be honest
13.wishing the penguin star

........and more!!!

The "crazy little thing called Kiiiiiii" has released their first DVD - an action-packed half-hour of original
songs, skits, live performances, promotional videos, movie parodies, special effects, set pieces, stuffed animals,and hand puppets. Follow Gold & Silver, the coolest two-girl band in their high school, battle with their rivals, u.t. and Lakin' from Kiiiiiii. The DVD also comes with a huge load of extras - outtakes, videos, secret scenes, and a musical exhibition of Kiiiiii's original illustrations. Bring the legendary Kiiiiiii experience into your home - today!

[How to get "Kiiiiiii DVD「GOLD & SILVER"」?]


our address is 『 ut*kiiiiiii.com 』 (please change 『*』 to 『@』.)

You pay 3000 yen including shipping cost.

if you want to buy Kiiiiiii's album "Al & Bum" too, please pay 6000 yen including shipping cost.

if you want to buy Kiiiiiii's album "Al & Bum" only, please pay 3000 yen including shipping cost.   and please note "I want to buy CD! not DVD!"

(The 500yen shipping cost is the minimum shipping fee and does not include insurance. If you would like us to send the DVD through a faster, more secure method, please email us before hand to receive the shipping cost amount.)

Please write down your address in note.

And please waite a week !

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Best PET::::Reiko Tada & Utako Tayama(Kiiiiiii)

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