vocal.......ut a.k.a UTAKO TAYAMA drums.....lakin' a.k.a REIKO TADA

ut loves.....


RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, NEU!, tama, Miho nakayama.....SPAGHETTI, macaron, pho, Cosmetics(Paul&Joe,anna sui...e.t.c) and her dog (named "STOMP")!

u.t. is an actress in TETSUWARI ALBATROSKET.
lakin' the Kiiiiiii loves....


PERRY&KINGSLEY, Jackson5, Ramones, mute beat, KRAFT WERK, C-C-B, Yoko minamino....Ra-men, TV programs for Children(like SESAME STREET), Stickers and her cat(named "NYAN")!

Lakin' is a illustrater ,a designer and liryc & song writer in Kiiiiii.

++ When we met each other for the first time, we were 12 years old. Since then,we have been special friends like DJ & KIMMY in "FULL HOUSE"!

++ We are Japanese.We live in TOKYO, Japan. ++We have no CD.Sorry!We've only 7 inch.

++We play songs by......The Wiggles, Chip munks, Roco's modern life by NIKELODEON, Hooley dooleys,Michael Jackson,

and kiiiiiii ( Almost all songs are written by Lakin' except for cover songs.)!

++If you want to cotact us.....Click here!!!

the Secret of Kiiiiiii's make-up.....the world of Yukari Naitoh